Content Writing Portfolio

Healthi Choices

I write the content for Healthi Choices, the leading health and wellness communications company, that offers solutions to corporates, medical aids, and affinity clubs. It’s a lovely team to work with – and since the topic is so broad, the research and content always stays fresh! Get in touch for more examples.

Content writer

AVBOB Funeral Services

I write content for AVBOB, South Africa’s leading funeral services provider. Losing a loved one is a tough time for survivors, so the subject has to be approach with sensitivity to others’ grief. AVBOB is a professional team and a pleasure to work with. Get in touch for more examples.

Daft Dog Media
You either understand Bitcoin or you don’t. This back-to-basics content article helped explain the cryptocurrency to new investors and users. How do I know that? I didn’t understand the workings of this digital currency until I wrote this article, and, hey presto!, easy as pie!