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I wrote for the DIY giant’s, Builders, website. I also handle their print advertising and in-store collateral. The brief is to bring their copywriting into line with the new corporate tone, as well as to inject personality into the retailer’s voice.…

Black Friday

I created a campaign promoting Black Friday for Sandton City and Eastgate. The collateral was made into mall posters, stickers, social media posts and more. And all that just because of one extra letter in the hashtag!

Terms and conditions

I worked with Hunt Lascaris to create a radio spot for the Nissan Navara, the 4×4 that’s redefined rugged. The client was great and we enjoyed doing something different that would achieve maximum impact.      

E Squared

I wrote all the copy for E Squared, Allan Gray’s empowerment arm. It was great to work with a business with such a socially uplifting mission.

Bakos Brothers

Iconic furniture in South Africa has its home in Bakos Brothers. I conceptualised and wrote the copy for this nationwide retailer’s latest press campaign.

Mercedes-Benz Vans

The new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has increased its load capacity – and just got stronger. As a business van, it can carry the loads of 11 bakkies in one go. And, as a people carrier, it carries in comfort an astonishing…

Omo – Olympics

Advertising during the Olympics can be a problem for a brand, especially if their main competitor is an official sponsor. That why Omo took a fresh spin on achieving athletic glory, reminding moms that every gold medalist started out as…

Grolsch – The Anti-Promo

The beer market is overflowing with promotions (fancy and otherwise.) Like Buy-one-Get-one-free’s, free singing toothbrushes, thermal pint glasses, blah, blah, blah! Wouldn’t it be refreshing if a brand relied on its superior taste and exclusivity? Grolsch did. I was the…

Flora – Fragile Hearts

Thanks to being low in saturated fats, Flora margarine has been proven to be good for your heart. This comes in handy when a human’s most fragile organ has to deal with life’s little (and big) shocks. This campaign took…