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eZi trailers

It’s not called the Great Outdoors for nothing. To survive it, to live it, to love it, you’re going to need the gear for the job. And how better to carry your gear than in one of eZi’s trailers? I…


Livion is a strategy communication and design agency. They approached me to write the copy for the clean, new website. Simplicity was key as they wanted their message to be focused and easy to understand. It was a great job…

Rethink Education

Rethink Education is a powerful new online tool which helps teachers teach and learners learn. Geared towards the South African National Curriculum, it enables students to master science and maths. It also allows teachers to monitor progress, making it truly…

Montage Printing

Montage Printing is a high-end commercial printer which delivers a full range of print solutions to blue chip businesses and advertising agencies. Established over twenty years, and based in Johannesburg, it is one of South Africa’s leading print firms. I…

Thusanong Consulting

Thusanong is a Medico-Legal and Organisational Development firm. Their clients rely on their expert team for quality medico-legal assessments and psycho-legal opinion. The company also helps entities advance with organisation development.

Room Swap

Room Swap works in the same way as the hugely popular house-swap concept but it is only open to people who own establishments within the hospitality industry. It enables owners to take time off at participating hotels and guesthouses for…


Mint is an internet-offered credit card from Royal Bank of Scotland. I wrote the website copy for the launch and helped achieve a massive take-up of their cards.


Dialaflight is the UK’s leading independent online travel agent. I’ve been their copywriter for ten years. I’ve kept their web content fresh and optimised, with up-to-date informal on global destinations. I’ve also written their weekly e-DM and helped them achieve…

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is a premium marque with a distinctive tone of voice. I wrote copy for their UK based site, keeping the tone of style of the language in line with the brand.

African Adventures

Hunting, fishing, diving, bush adventures… There’s nothing like “up close and personal” to the enchantment of nature. From the savannas to reef diving, African Adventures takes guests on an exhilarating break. This free free resource helps you gain insight and…

Bhika Attorneys

Bhika’s Johannesburg law firm helps its clients find real solutions to real problems, proactively advising them on a wide range of legal and business issues. I wrote all the copy for their upgraded website.

Aurora Europe

Aurora Lighting is one of Europe’s leading lighting manufacturers and distributors. I wrote copy for their website and their suite of brochures.