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I wrote and produced ads for YourCFO, a leading accounting practice. It addresses the challenges of COVID and the solutions that YourCFO provides. Very happy client!

Fruity jokes

I wrote and directed a series of fun radio and TV ads for the launch of Fruttare, South Africa’s newest fruit drink!

Terms and conditions

I worked with Hunt Lascaris to create a radio spot for the Nissan Navara, the 4×4 that’s redefined rugged. The client was great and we enjoyed doing something different that would achieve maximum impact.      

If it’s in the air…

If it’s in the air, it’s up your nose. A disconcerting thought when faced with germs, viruses, pollen and more. Fortunately, there’s iliadin Nasal Decongestant to keep your nasal passages clean and safe from airborne nasties. This radio campaign of…

Blast of positive feelings

Have an instant blast of positive feelings! Unilever asked me to write a radio campaign to support Fruttare’s sponsorsip of the Comedy Minute on national radio stations. These three ads and cut-downs helped support the promotion. Fruttare1 Fruttare2 Fruttare3  


Dogs see (and hear) fireworks differently to people. We see them as a fun and romantic accompaniment to festive occasions like Diwali, New Years and Guy Fawkes. A dog hears them in a completely different way. This radio spot raised…

Last will and testament

When you harm the environment, you harm yourself. This radio campaign of three ads for EWT showed that the death of our animals, environment and habitats is just the beginning. The real trouble for humans starts when they are gone.

Feral cats

Most of the public see feral cats as pests and a nuisance. My radio advert pointed out one unassailable fact. The real pests are a cat’s supper: rats. By donating to the AACL, you can help them set up healthy…