Cornetto Black & White

Enter a world of black and white with Cornetto’s new ice cream. My ad brought to life the contrasts to this great new flavour – a mixture of dark chocolate and vanilla. It was so successful and so enjoyed by the client, Unilever, that the ad ran in markets around the world.


What’s funnier than a fruit joke? A fruit telling a fruit joke. I created an animated TV campaign, using characters to support the launch of a new ice cream, Fruttare, which was made with real fruit. I was responsible for concepts, copywriting, voiceovers and overseeing the animation process.  

Sunlight Liquid

Sunlight Liquid washes more plates and cuts through grease faster than its closest competitor. Working within the international Talking Plates creative format, I wrote an ad demonstrating these propositions at the Great South African Braai Festival! Head to head, the two brands clashed! I was the copywriter on the job as well as oversaw cast, production, voice-overs and direction.  

Pizza Hut

I worked on the Pizza Hut account in Dubai for a year. The brand was continually bringing out new pizza and pasta innovations and TV was their medium to get audiences excited about new product launches. Here are three television commercials on which I was the copywriter and which ran throughout the Middle East.


Doritos launched in the Middle East. To play on one of the crisps defining characteristics, its “crunch”, I wrote and helped produce this television commercial.