Microsoft – Plus More Summer

This summer’s promotion for Microsoft shows just how much people can add to the season with the brand. From Lumia to Xbox to Windows, Plus More Summer captures the spirit of a brand encouraging people to enjoy the good times. You get your computing done, both work and fun, then it’s sun, sun, sun! I was the lead creative and …



If it’s in the air, it’s up your nose. A pretty disconcerting thought when faced with germs, viruses, pollen and so much more. Fortunately, there’s iliadin Nasal Decongestant to keep your nasal passages clean and safe from those airborne nasties. This campaign ran across press, outdoor, in-store and radio. There was also CSR where we sponsored elephant health at the …


Flora – Fragile Hearts

Thanks to being low in saturated fats, Flora margarine has been proven to be good for your heart. This comes in handy when a human’s most fragile organ has to deal with life’s little (and big) shocks. This campaign took a light-hearted look at how you can meet life with a strong and healthy heart. The campaign garnered press coverage …


Discovery – Good health

Good health can change the world! And a company as innovative and forward thinking as Discovery can certainly make that happen. I was the copywriter on the project, providing the new pay-off line as well as a written manifesto to support it. And it all went swimmingly. Good health to us all!  


Rethink Education

Rethink Education is a powerful new online tool which helps teachers teach and learners learn. Geared towards the South African National Curriculum, it enables students to master science and maths. It also allows teachers to monitor progress, making it truly symbiotic. I wrote all the copy for their new website.