Omo – Olympics

Advertising during the Olympics can be a problem for a brand, especially if their main competitor is an official sponsor. That why Omo took a fresh spin on achieving athletic glory, reminding moms that every gold medalist started out as a little boy or girl learning and failing at their sport. I was the conceptualiser and copywriter on this campaign.

Flora – Fragile Hearts

Thanks to being low in saturated fats, Flora margarine has been proven to be good for your heart. This comes in handy when a human’s most fragile organ has to deal with life’s little (and big) shocks. This campaign took a light-hearted look at how you can meet life with a strong and healthy heart. The campaign garnered press coverage …

Hug in a Mug – House of Coffees

              Hug in a Mug is an exciting new range of delicious hot drinks from House of Coffees. I worked with their agency, Grid, on the project. I came up with the name “Hug in a Mug”. I was the creator and copywriter of its supporting rhyming campaign. And the product is hugely popular, …

Blast of positive feelings

Have an instant blast of positive feelings! Unilever asked me to write a radio campaign to support Fruttare’s sponsorsip of the Comedy Minute on national radio stations. These three ads and cut-downs helped support the promotion. Fruttare1 Fruttare2 Fruttare3  

Cornetto Black & White

Enter a world of black and white with Cornetto’s new ice cream. My ad brought to life the contrasts to this great new flavour – a mixture of dark chocolate and vanilla. It was so successful and so enjoyed by the client, Unilever, that the ad ran in markets around the world.