Omo – Olympics

Advertising during the Olympics can be a problem for a brand, especially if their main competitor is an official sponsor. That why Omo took a fresh spin on achieving athletic glory, reminding moms that every gold medalist started out as a little boy or girl learning and failing at their sport. I was the conceptualiser and copywriter on this campaign.


Microsoft – Plus More Summer

This summer’s promotion for Microsoft shows just how much people can add to the season with the brand. From Lumia to Xbox to Windows, Plus More Summer captures the spirit of a brand encouraging people to enjoy the good times. You get your computing done, both work and fun, then it’s sun, sun, sun! I was the lead creative and …


Animal Anti-Cruelty League

Most of the public see feral cats as pests and a nuisance. My press advert pointed out one unassailable fact. The real pests are a cat’s supper: rats. By donating to the AACL, you can help them set up healthy feral cat colonies which keep the real pests at bay. I was the conceptualiser and copywriter on the campaign.


Flora – Fragile Hearts

Thanks to being low in saturated fats, Flora margarine has been proven to be good for your heart. This comes in handy when a human’s most fragile organ has to deal with life’s little (and big) shocks. This campaign took a light-hearted look at how you can meet life with a strong and healthy heart. The campaign garnered press coverage …


Endangered Wildlife Trust – Harm your environment, harm yourself.

The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT ) is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to conserving threatened species and ecosystems in Southern Africa. They do this not only for the benefit of nature but for the benefit of people too. I was fortunate enough to work on this campaign, producing radio, print and TV. I wrote the copy for the headline, …