De Beers

Creators of one of the world’s best straplines (A diamond is forever), here’s a legendary campaign that gets the tone just right.

Billy Tea

Real men drink tea. A new campaign from Australia extols the virtues of macho Billy Tea. And you thought Aussie blokes only drank beer.

The Economist

There’s no mistaking an Economist ad. Well, until they started putting pictures all over them. The Economist was the benchmark of clever, headline-driven advertising. Wit, charm and arrogance came standard. And not a visual in sight.

The Clinic

The Clinic is a boutique ad agency in Singapore. I’ve been helping them write copy for a pro-bono charity appeal, in support of international vaccines.

Six Degrees Media

Six Degrees is South Africa’s specialist airline advertising company. They place advertising campaigns of blue-chip brands on-board national airlines. I’m copywriting all their sales material, helping them reach out to media professionals with brochures, rate cards and press releases.