Investment Solutions

Investment Solutions is one of the country’s leading investment houses. I am helping them craft their mission statement, creating a powerful ‘why’ statement that captures the essence of their brand.


Snowflake is one of South Africa’s favourite brands. They offer flour and ready-to-bake mixtures of some of our favourite treats, like Red Velvet, Marble and Rainbow cakes. I’m helping the agency, Vector Graphics, with copy to support the launch of…

Vox Telecom

I’ve just helped Vox Telecom with their fibre internet roll-out on their website. It was great working with them. It’s always nice to have a happy client.

First National Bank

I’ve been helping Grid Worldwide with FNB’s latest product launch. They’re an innovative bank and so are their products. A pleasure to work on the job.


I’ve recently started working with the NSPCA on their fund-raising direct mail. It’s a worthy cause which hasn’t, in the past, attracted the donations it should. Let’s hope we can change that!

Bakos Brothers

Bakos Brothers is one of South Africa’s leading furniture brands, synonymous with style and success. I’m helping their agency, Grid Worldwide, create the brand’s new identity and advertising campaign. I wrote Bakos Brothers’ new strap-line, “Make the good life great”.…

Investment Solutions

One of South Africa’s leading investment houses was hosting a conference about Ethical Investing. I helped Investment Solutions with copy for their invite which they sent to key players nationwide.

House of Coffees – Hug in a Mug

Hug in a Mug, the new range of delicious cappuccino drinks, is in store. I worked with Grid, their agency, on the branding and launch campaigns. I came up with the name “Hug in a Mug” and the idea and…

Automobile Association

The AA’s famous yellow roadside assistance van needs no introduction – and neither does its brand. To help maintain that position, the Automobile Association has launched an on-going email relationship marketing campaign. Members will be notified electronically about any new…

Deloitte Consulting

7i Management Consultants, now part of the Deloitte group, is a specialist management consulting organisation with expertise in human capital interventions. I wrote the copy for their website.

SolarStone Energy

SolarStone is a UK-based renewable energy company. Fittingly, thanks to the English weather, the company takes its name from folklore, in which a Solar Stone was used to find the sun during overcast conditions. I helped add some brightness to…