Seecrypt is a software-only privacy communications app which allows users to make and receive unlimited, secure encrypted calls and texts. I have written their press releases.


Liberty Life is a major South African Financial Services company. I’ve been helping them with idea generation for their latest product launch event.


Roomswap is a website that enables hospitality property owners to turn their empty rooms into free holidays. I’ve written their website as well as e-mailers.


Ewards is a pre-paid shopping card system that allows you to transfer money or bonuses to staff and others. I’ve writtten their latest e-mailer.


Educanda is a leading supplier of educational aids to schools across South Africa. I’ve been helping them with the copywriting of their direct mail letters.

Ochre AD

Ochre AD is a multi-discipline advertising agency in Johannesburg. I’ve been working with them, copywriting and creative directing their portfolio of accounts, including well-known brands like Sunday Times, Sony and Plascon.

French Connection

Current campaign from those wonderful folk who brought you FCUK. This light-hearted campaign speaks in an original voice and still finds time to look cool.

De Beers

Creators of one of the world’s best straplines (A diamond is forever), here’s a legendary campaign that gets the tone just right.

Billy Tea

Real men drink tea. A new campaign from Australia extols the virtues of macho Billy Tea. And you thought Aussie blokes only drank beer.

The Economist

There’s no mistaking an Economist ad. Well, until they started putting pictures all over them. The Economist was the benchmark of clever, headline-driven advertising. Wit, charm and arrogance came standard. And not a visual in sight.

The Clinic

The Clinic is a boutique ad agency in Singapore. I’ve been helping them write copy for a pro-bono charity appeal, in support of international vaccines.