The Hungry Copywriter’s rules to optimised copy

1. SEO copy should read beautifully.

Everyone’s come across websites that are stuffed with repetitive SEO keywords – and it’s never pretty. Resist the urge to repeat your search terms five hundred times and instead look for elegant ways to weave them in into your content. The true measure of success is for your audience to not even notice them.

2. Watch where you put your keywords.

Who says you have to put keywords into your body copy? Be wise and, like a good SEO copywriter, spread them out. Search engines give greater weight to keywords in headlines, sub-heads, captions, link texts, navigation links and calls to action.

3. Your prospects are your audience. Google isn’t.

If you write copy aimed at search engines, you’ll alienate humans. Computers want ones and zeros. Humans want to be inspired. And when last did a search engine buy your product or retain your services?

4. There are better ways to scale Mt. Google.

Copy optimisation is crucial on a five billion page internet – but there are more efficient ways to improve your search engine rankings. The best is the number of quality, industry-relevant, in-bound links.

5. A good SEO copywriter informs and entertains.

If in-bound links are so important, create a website that people come back to and, even better, recommend to their friends. You do this by offering informative, entertaining content. Blogs, e-books, white papers, reviews, newsletters, tips, tricks, competitions and much more. The key isn’t just to create a well-written website. It’s to regularly update it.

6. Put The Hungry Copywriter to work for you.

Let me help you put these rules to work for your website. As an experienced SEO copywriter, I can help you increase your search engine ranking and give your customers copy they want to read. If I don’t, I won’t eat.

Want copy that’s beautiful on the eyes and on the algorithms? Get in touch.