Beauty is only half a brochure.

You may be attracted by its photography. You may be wowed by its silky stock. But without quality copy, a brochure will never seduce you.

So, when creating your brochure, don’t come across as beautiful but vacuous. Add brains too.

Complete the job with well-crafted copy.

Use these tips to bring the best out of your brochure.

  • Position your product or service.

Friendliest? Fastest? Cheapest? Oldest? Kinkiest? Your brochure should position your business – and stay consistent throughout.

  • Start with the front cover.

Don’t waste people’s time. Your cover should attract interested prospects and, politely, move the rest on.

  • Be single-minded.

One solution to one problem. The closer you get to that, the more successful your brochure.

  • Speak in your tone.

Is your brand a best friend, a concerned colleague or an axe murderer? Stay true to your business’s personality – and never mix the tone.

  • Close with a strong call to action.

Don’t spend all your money on a brochure that leads nowhere. Tell your reader the next step.

  • Outsource the copywriting.

Yes, this is my sales pitch. If you can write beautiful copy, you don’t need to read it. If not, I know a great brochure copywriter. Me.

Add brains to your brochure. Get in touch with a professional brochure copywriter.

Five questions before writing your brochure

  1. Who are you talking to?
  2. How do you differ from your competitors?
  3. Why are those differences important to your readers?
  4. What action do you want your readers to take?
  5. Which incentives can you offer to encourage them to take that action?